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Access Belkin Router as an Admin

Despite the fact that it isn’t an ordinary event, you may need to connection with your Belkin Router keeping in mind the end goal to address a network wide issue, roll out improvements to the network or configure the changes. To do this, you have to know the Belkin Router’s IP address and administrator username/password combo.

With wireless Belkin Routers, you ought to likewise know about a couple of normal Wi-Fi connection issues and how to solve them.

Access a Router as an Administrator

Follows these means with a specific end goal to login to your Router:

  • Confirm that your PC is connection with the Router either through an Ethernet cable or wireless connection.
  • Confirm the IP address of your Belkin Router. Home Routers are made to utilize a default address like,, or
  • In the event that uncertain of your Router’s default IP address, or in the event that you have transformed it beforehand, perceive how to discover a Router’s IP address.
  • Open a web program like Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox, and demand a connection with the Belkin Router utilizing its IP address. For instance, sort in the deliver bar to ask for a connection with a Router that is configured with the IP address.
  • Enter the authoritative login data to confirm and access the administrator settings.

Routers are delivered with default usernames and passwords. This is generally the word administrator yet may be diverse for your Router. See the default passwords for NETGEAR, D-Link, Linksys and Cisco Routers on the off chance that you have one of those Routers, or counsel your Router’s documentation in case you don’t know what it is.

What if I Can’t Access My Router?

In the event that in the wake of attempting the username and password on the Belkin Router, the program gives back a blunder message, your PC won’t not be connection with the right Router. Then again, enter the username/password combo won’t not have been right.

In case you’re certain that you’re utilizing the right IP deliver to access the Router, attempt the accompanying strategies, rehashing Step 3 after every one:

  • Reboot the Router
  • Briefly impair the firewall
  • Reset your Router to Factory Reset

The last step will be to reinstall the Router to its default condition with the IP address, username and password that it was sent with. You can restart the means above on the off chance that you’ve finished a Router reset.

For Support and services use Belkin Support Number: 1 888 306 5155

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