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Acer Spin 7 review: World’s Thinnest Convertible Notebook

14-inch IPS touchscreen display (1920 x 1080 pixels), 7th gen Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB of RAM, 256GB of SSD, 2 x USB Type-C, WiFi ac, headphone jack, HD webcam, Windows 10, 1.2kg weight.

At an amazing 11mm and weighing just 1.2kg, the Spin 7 is probably the world’s thinnest convertible Laptop. The real benefit of the slim design is striking looks. This is an exact conversation starter, especially in the tech circles. The issue with the slim design is very obvious the limited number of ports — you only get 2 USB Type-C ports on the right side. One of the ports is used for charging, so essentially you are left with only one USB Type-C port for use. It can be a dispute that you only need one port to connect an adapter. The adapter or dock itself will provide multiple, full-size USB ports as well as other ports like HDMI, card reader or Ethernet. Keep in mind that these USB-C adapters don’t come in low-cost. Nothing is included in the box so you’ll have to spend some money also.

The main feature of the Spin 7 is the 360-degree rotatable swivel design. You can use it in standard notebook mode, tent mode, presentation mode and also in tablet mode. Every time when you change the screen locale; the notebook itself finds the change and gives you the option to switch to tablet mode for use with the touchscreen. However, we noticed that the swivel system was not so strong and failed to hold the display at an angle lesser than 30-degees. At this dense angle, the screen would automatically shut with the weight of the lid. It’s not a big deal for most users but we expected better from Acer’s premium machine.

Thanks to the specification, the Spin 7 is optimal for basic as well as power users. The Intel HD 615 GPU is good enough for basic games, but will not be able to handle any graphic based games even it have Core i7 processor. Thanks to the SSD drive, the boot time of the laptop is under 5 seconds and it manages to work with Photoshop for basic image editing without any interruption.

Overall, the Spin 7 from Acer get better scores on its slim and fancy design and day to day performance.

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