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How to Connect Two Belkin Routers on a Network

Some Suggestions described below will teach you about the process of adding first Belkin Router to second Router, so please review it.

  • Updating a wired network to likewise support wireless gadgets
  • Expanding the wireless scope of a home network to achieve dead spots
  • Organizing a wired gadget that is too far from the first Belkin Router
  • Making a different sub network inside the home to stream video among a few gadgets without stalling associations with others

Making everything work requires only a couple steps.

Position a Second Belkin Router

When setting up another Belkin Router, put it almost a Windows PC or other PC that can be used for the underlying configure. Both wired and wireless routers are best networked from a PC associated by means of Ethernet network cable. The Belkin Router can be moved to its changeless area later.

Connecting a Second Wired Belkin Router

A moment (new) Belkin Router that doesn’t have wireless ability must be associated with the primary (existing) Router by means of an Ethernet cable. Plug one end of the cable into the new Belkin Router’s uplink port (some of the time named “WAN” or “Web”). Connect the flip side to any free port on the main Router other than its uplink port.

Connecting a Second Wireless Belkin Router

Home wireless Belkin Routers can be associated with each other by means of Ethernet cable the same as wired Belkin Routers. Connecting two home Routers by means of wireless is likewise conceivable, however in many configures the second one might have the capacity to work as a wireless get to point rather than a Router.

The second Belkin Router must be set up in customer mode to use its full steering usefulness, a mode that many home Belkin Routers don’t support. Hide a particular Belkin Router model’s documentation to figure out if it underpins customer mode and how to network it.

Wi-Fi Channel Settings for Wireless Home Belkin Routers

On the off chance that both the current and second new Belkin Routers are wireless, their Wi-Fi signs can without much of a stretch meddle with each other, bringing on dropped associations and unusual network stoppages.

Every wireless Belkin Router uses certain Wi-Fi recurrence ranges called channels, and flag obstruction happens at whatever point two wireless Belkin Routers in a similar house uses the same or covering channels.

Wireless Belkin Routers use diverse Wi-Fi channels as a matter of course contingent upon the model, yet these settings can be changed through the Belkin Router’s reassure. To keep away from flag obstruction between two Belkin Routers in a home, take a stab at setting the main Belkin Router to use channel 1 or 6 and the second to use channel 11.

IP Address Configuration of a Second Belkin Router

Home network Belkin Routers likewise have default IP address settings relying upon their model. The default IP settings of a moment Belkin Router don’t require any change unless it is to be networked as a network Router or get to point.

Utilizing the Second Belkin Router as a Belkin Router or Access Point

The above networks empower an extra Belkin Router to support a sub network inside a home network. This is helpful when needing to keep up an additional level of control over specific gadgets, for example, putting additional confinements on their Internet get to.

Then again, a moment Belkin Router can be configured as an Ethernet network Router or (if wireless) a get to point.

This gives gadgets a chance to associate with the second Belkin Router as typical yet does not make a sub network. For family units basically hoping to expand essential Internet access in addition to record and printer sharing to extra PCs, a no-sub network set up is adequate, yet it requires an alternate configure methodology than above.

Configure a Second Belkin Router without Sub network Support

To set up another Belkin Router as a network Belkin Router, connect an Ethernet cable to any free port of the second Router other than the uplink port and interface it to any port of the principal Belkin Router other than the uplink port.

To set up another wireless Belkin Router as a get to point, network the gadget for either extension or repeater mode connected to the principal Belkin Router.

Hide the second Belkin Router’s documentation for the particular settings to use.

For both wired and wireless Belkin Routers, refresh the IP setup:

  • Check the second Belkin Router’s neighborhood IP address and change it if important to guarantee it is inside the address scope of the network as networked on the main Belkin Router and not clashing with some other gadget on the local network.
  • Set the DHCP address scope of the second Belkin Router to fit inside the address scope of the principal Belkin Router. (Then again, cripple DHCP and physically set the IP address of every gadget associated with the second Router to fall inside the principal Belkin Router’s range.)

If you still need any support, approach Belkin Router Support Team via Helpline: 1 888 306 5155.

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