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How to Correct the Time on a Belkin Router?

Belkin International has been assembling Internet Routers since 1983. The organization offers a large number of Routers, wired and wireless, consistently. A Router parts the approaching and active web signal beginning from the modem into different ways that can be utilized by a few PCs at the same time. The wireless router signals over airwaves to and from gadgets outfitted with wireless network interface cards. The Router clock time stamps a log file portraying when each associated gadget’s movement happens.

Step 1: Access your Belkin Router director by opening any browser and entering the default Belkin address in the URL address box at the highest point of the browser screen. The default address is “” without the quotes.

Step 2: Explore to the “Setting the Time and Time Zone” segment of the Router manager situated on the left hand section of the Belkin Router administrator page.

Step 3: Tap on the drop-down arrow on the correct side of the first of two Network Time Protocol drop-down boxes situated in the center of the page. This is the essential Simple Network Time Protocol server. Belkin Routers get the right time setting from SNTP servers situated around the planet.

Step 4: Tap on the drop-down bolt on the correct side of the second of the two Network Time Protocol drop-down boxes situated in the focal point of the page and select a moment SNTP server area not quite the same as the main choice. This is the optional or reinforcement SNTP server.

Step 5: Enter your right time zone if the default setting is not right.

Step 6: Check the “Enable Daylight Saving” setting in the event that you live in a range that observes daylight saving time.

Step 7: Tap on “save Settings” dialog button situated in the upper left or lower right left of the Belkin Router manager screen, relaying upon the model and firmware version. It will take up to 15 minutes for the Router to contact the essential SNTP server. The clock can’t be changed physically.

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