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How to Know Someone Has Hacked into your Wireless Belkin Router Internet

If you have a wireless Belkin Router connected to PC, telephone or other electronic gadget, you likely have utilized another open wireless connection at same point. -, for example, at coffee shops that offer free wireless to their users through an open network. At the point when individuals don’t put password security on their wireless network, it is interested in anybody inside range. If you presume somebody is hacking your wireless signal without your authorization, you ought to investigate the matter. Taking another person’s Internet is illegal, and can rupture your PC’s security. To discover who’s been utilizing your Internet, you can check the logs for wireless Belkin Router IP addresses.

Step 1: Decide your own IP address, so you realize what address is yours and what address is that of a more abnormal taking your Internet connection. To discover your IP address, select the “start” button after that lookup for “run” in the search box. Open the “Run” application.

Step 2: Sort in “cmd” then press the “ok” button. Sort in “ipconfig” when the browser opens and hit “Enter.” Make note of the number other than “IPv4 Address.” This is your own IP address and if your wireless Belkin Router is secure, there ought to be no outside addresses in your log.

Step 3: Enter the IP address of your router into your Internet program window and hit “Enter.” The IP address of your router is situated in a similar place you discovered your IP address, adjacent to the heading “Default Gateway.”

Step 4: Sign into your router utilizing your username and password. You will either utilize the name and password set as default, or your present wireless Belkin Router name and password. This will bring you into the configuration page for your particular router.

Step 5: Search for an “Administration tab” – all routers will be distinctive, so search for comparable settings for your gadget. Open the “Log” to see the IP addresses that are signing into your Internet.

Step 6: Check the log for any occurrences where odd IP addresses are signing in. If your log was turned off, enable it so it will track all approaching IP addresses.

I hope this will support you to know someone has hacked into your wireless Internet and if anyone need help use Belkin Router Customer Service Number: 1 888 306 5155.

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