How can I fix browser issues while playing Pogo games?

Knowledge BaseCategory: BrowserHow can I fix browser issues while playing Pogo games?
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chrisjorden answered 2 months ago

The Google Chrome Browser (version 42.xx and above) no longer straight supports the Java platform. Pogo games is slowly converting from Java to Flash for a while now, but inappropriately for us Pogo users, there are still more than a handful of Pago’s games support Java technology.
To play a Java game on Pogo platform, you should use a different browser as Firefox or Internet Explorer.
There is a temporary solution to enable Java in the Chrome website browser, but it will only work until Chrome removes the workaround, currently estimated to be September 2015 or before. Type chrome: //flags/#enable-npapi into the address bar of Chrome browser and then press Enable button under “Enable NPAPI”. Pogo highly recommends all the users just use one of the alternate browsers for their games.

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