How could I update antivirus software?

Knowledge BaseCategory: AntivirusHow could I update antivirus software?
rumos asked 3 months ago
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jay answered 2 months ago

The majority of new antivirus program enable customers to update their antivirus through the software. Open the antivirus and identify by clicking on “Check for updates”, “Live Update”, or something similar. There are some examples of how a computer user can update their antivirus.
Microsoft Windows users running recent versions of McAfee can check by double-click on the Vshield icon in their System tray and click “Check for “Virus Scan update” to check for possible available updates.
Those Microsoft Windows users, who is running recent versions of Symantec (Norton) can double-click on the antivirus program icon in their System tray and click the “Live Update” to check for available updates.

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