How do I fix this Chrome browser rendering issue?

Knowledge BaseCategory: BrowserHow do I fix this Chrome browser rendering issue?
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alessio answered 2 months ago

Users of today’s web expect that the pages they visit will be interactive and smooth and that’s where you need to increasingly focus your time and effort. Pages should not only load quickly, but also run well; scrolling should be stick-to-finger fast, and animations and interactions should be silky smooth.
To compose performant locales and applications you have to see how HTML, JavaScript and CSS is taken care of by the program, and guarantee that the code you compose (and the other outsider code you incorporate) keeps running as productively as could reasonably be expected.
Second. If there’s an animation or transition running, or the user is scrolling the pages, the browser needs to match the device’s refresh rate and put up 1 new picture, or frame, for each of those screen refreshes.
Each of those frames has a budget of just over 16ms (1 second / 60 = 16.66ms). In reality, however, the browser has housekeeping work to do, so all of your work needs to be completed inside 10ms. When you fail to meet this budget the frame rate drops, and the content judders on screen. This is often referred to as junk, and it negatively impacts the user’s experience.

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