How to delete or move e-mail messages?

Knowledge BaseCategory: EmailHow to delete or move e-mail messages?
adolfrich asked 4 weeks ago
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Mia answered 2 weeks ago

You can easily way delete or move in email messages another mailbox.

  • To delete /move individual message , check the boxes next to each message you want to delete/move
  • To delete/ move all message in the index, click select all link.
  • To delete/move these messages, click delete message button in the action bars found at the top and bottom of the mailbox.
  • To move these messages.
  • Select the folder from the drop down menu next to the move button in the action bar.
  • Click move all message

Delete massage are stored in the trash. The trash folder creates itself the first time a message is deleted. Message will be completely deleted from your trash once you click on empty it located next to the trash link in the navigation panel.

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