How to forward or re-send an e-mail message?

Knowledge BaseCategory: EmailHow to forward or re-send an e-mail message?
rich asked 2 months ago
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Johnnelson answered 2 months ago

Email is a very popular medium for online communication. You can receive or send emails anytime anywhere. You can get imperative service provided by different service provider
Forward email

  1. Sign in email.
  2. Click to open the email want to forward.
  3. Now click to forward button.

How to resend email?
Each email service provider is a little bit the exact procedure of the email sending may be different.

  1. Sign email account you are using
  2. Go to the sent item.
  3. Open the email message you want to resend.
  4. Click on the menu bar, and select Reply or reply all option. A new email window will open.
  5. Fill the necessary details as subject field, email message content.
  6. And now click on send button.


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