How to print multiple checks in Quickbooks?

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Abigail asked 2 weeks ago
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cruz answered 2 weeks ago

One of the main benefits of a distributed version control system is that code changes can be pushed from one repository to another clone, and all dependent changes are pushed as well. However, that only works when you have to write access to the remote repository, which in many cases you do not. One way of getting changes is by providing a patch, or a set of changes which can be applied to a remote repository at the other end.
Git started life as a distributed version control system for the Linux project, which actively uses mail lists both as a discussion mechanism and also as a distribution mechanism for patches (changes) for an existing codebase. (New features are just a special case of patching nothing to add the new code.)
To speed the processing of patches by mail, git developed tight integration with both (command-line) mail clients and of the generic UNIX mbox format. Patches can be generated in the form of mail messages, and the remote end can process them with a specific command to reconstitute the changes in the git repository.
Whilst the majority of projects don’t use patches by mail as a change distribution mechanism, it is useful on occasion where either a patch needs to be generated and attached to a bug tracking system, or where changes need to be sent to a remote developer who doesn’t have direct access (such as through a firewall).

dion answered 2 weeks ago

With QuickBooks, you can print checks individually, or in a batch of checks all at one time, as shown here:
To print a check/ or a group of checks follow these steps:

  1. If the Write Checks transaction isn’t already open, select Banking, Write Checks from the menu bar/ and prepare your check for printing.
  2. In the Print drop-down list, select from the following:

Print—enter the check number you are printing to.
Print Batch—Select the Bank Account. Enter the First Check Number and remove the checkmark for any check you will not be printing in the batch.

  1. The Print Checks dialog box displays. Change the defaults as necessary.
  2. If you are printing a single check using the Standard or Wallet check style, click the Partial Page tab. Review the settings specific to how your printer needs the single check to be positioned before printing.

Click the Print button to print your checks. The Print Checks—Confirmation dialog box displays as shown in the image below:
Review the checks that just printed. If each check printed successfully, click OK on the Print Checks—Confirmation dialog box. If any check did not print successfully, place a checkmark in the Reprint column. You can return to step 2 and reprint the checks selected.
Here’s another tip from Laura Madeira’s QuickBooks 2013 In Depth: You can review both printed and to be printed check transactions by clicking the Check Register icon on the Home page, and selecting the appropriate bank account.

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