How to resolve chrome browser not responding issue?

Knowledge BaseCategory: BrowserHow to resolve chrome browser not responding issue?
freda pinto asked 2 weeks ago
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Evelyn Rose answered 2 weeks ago

The most preferred way to tackle this type of issues is doing your work properly. We all have knowledge of the browser compatibility issues. For example, if a website is doing good in Chrome you can’t make sure that it will do good on IE, Safari or other browsers. So there are lots of points which need to be kept in mind for tackling such issues: Few of them are:-

  1. Invalid or Incorrect Doctype: Browser compatibility issue occurs when there is the wrong Doctype.
  2. Using HTML CSS Validator: you must validate your code with CSS or HTML validator.
  3. Write some Extra codes: Many times it’s good to write few extra codes like as web prefixes.
  4. Injecting Fault: For the proper working of your website, you can also inject some error to check the functioning of the website in different browsers. etc
Sarah Gray answered 2 weeks ago

Here are the tips that resolve chrome browser not responding issue:
Reboot Your Windows or Mac
Clear Browsing Data
Update or Reinstall Google Chrome
Network Problem
Disable Hardware Acceleration
Close spam Plugin or Extension
Use Firefox/Safari Instead
Reset Chrome Settings

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