What do I do if I can’t log in to my Xero account?

Knowledge BaseCategory: Accounting SoftwareWhat do I do if I can’t log in to my Xero account?
Amelia asked 2 months ago
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George Brown answered 2 months ago

Xero account Troubleshooting suggestions for the problems
Forgotten your Xero Account password?
If you have forgotten your Xero account password, or are locked out after entering your xero account password number of times, you can reset the Xero account password from the Xero login page.
How to change your Xero login recently?
If you’ve changed the email address or account password that you use to log in toYour Xero account, your web site browser may have saved your old login information.
If you clear your browsers cookies and cache, you can delete this data if you select ‘account Passwords’, however this will delete all your account passwords saved in your browser.
If you’d like to delete only your old Xero account login, you can remove this in your browser settings:

  1. Click menu icon, then click Settings tab.
  2. Press Show advanced Xero account settings.
  3. Click Manage account passwords.
  4. Click on xero.com, then click X.
  5. Now click Done.

On Internet Explorer

  1. Go to the cog icon and then select Internet Options tab.
  2. Click at the Content, then click Settings tab.
  3. Click Manage account Passwords.
  4. Now press Web Credentials Manager tab.
  5. Click the drop down arrow button next to Xero, click Delete.

Microsoft Edge browser.

  1. Go the menu icon, then click Settings tab.
  2. Click Advanced account Settings.
  3. Click Manage my account’s saved passwords.
  4. Click Xnext to com.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Now click the menu icon, then select Options tab.
  2. Click account Security.
  3. Click Saved Login.
  4. And select Xero, then click delete.


  1. Visit to Preferences, then click account Passwords.
  2. Highlight the line showing on com, then click delete
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