What is active directory?

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Andrew Taylor asked 2 weeks ago
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fabrizio answered 1 week ago

The Active Directory (AD) activity pack enables an administrator to create, delete, and manage objects in Windows Active Directory, such as users, groups, and computers, using a Service Now Orchestration workflow.
Activities in this pack can reset a password automatically from a user request or manage any user account in Active Directory, whether or not it was created by an Orchestration workflow.
Domain controllers are identified by the IP address of the host machine. To use the hostname of the domain controller, add the Resolve DNS Name activity to resolve the hostname into an IP, and then pass the IP into the Active Directory activity.
Your instance must have access to a MID Server configured to use PowerShell to run these activities.
Orchestration provides custom Active Directory activities that were created with the Orchestration Create a PowerShell activity, starting with the Geneva release. These activities perform the same functions as AD activities by the same name from previous releases and replace those activities for all new workflows. Existing workflows from earlier versions that were created with legacy AD activities continue to function normally after an upgrade to Istanbul. However, all new workflows must use these custom AD activities. The Powershell activity template gives workflow administrators the ability to store input and output variables from the Query AD activity in the data bus.

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