Will code modifications be supported in Dynamics 365?

Knowledge BaseCategory: Accounting SoftwareWill code modifications be supported in Dynamics 365?
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If your building construction has been disapproved by an inspector, or your building design plans have been disapproved by a plan reviewer, or a construction code violation has otherwise been identified, and you cannot practically correct the deficiency, you may formally request a code modification. Please understand that the modification process is the solution of last resort and that approval of requests is not guaranteed. You should always first attempt to work with the code official(s) and/or other professional consultants, to develop a design that provides prescriptive compliance with the adopted codes and standards of Montgomery County.
To request a code modification:

  • you must fill in the Code Modification Request form completely, citing the specific code/regulation/standard (Montgomery County Code, Executive Regulation, IBC, IEBC, IMC, NEC, NFPA, IRC, IFGC, IECC, etc.) for which you seek the modification and the relevant chapter/section/subsection number.
  • if the same deficiency occurs at multiple address, each address must have a separate application.
  • if there are multiple code modification requests at the same address, each requested code modification must have a separate application.  Examples:  a project that is requesting code modifications for interior finish and a stair penetration requires two separate applications; a project that is requesting a code modification for a non-compliant stair (non-compliant width and winder treads) may submit a single application. 

Code modification requests must be based on practical difficulty in achieving code conformance and should include proposed alternative methods and/or materials that would provide an equivalent level of safety and protection. A self-imposed hardship generally will not be accepted as a basis for an approved code modification request.
Explain as clearly and completely as possible: the practical difficulty in complying with the requireme

  • the nature of the code violation,


    • the extent of modification requested,
  • And what compensatory protection or equivalent safety you would provide to offset deficiencies.
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